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This website has been built to bring public awareness to the serious water supply problems threatening the future of the eight miles long Tennant Canal in South Wales. (pictures taken in Summer 2021)

For nearly 200 years since 1824, the Tennant canal’s water supply came from the River Neath at Aberdulais including the spectacular Aqueduct until its closure. By 2008 the only remaining source was a Weir within the River Neath which partially collapsed in February 2015. Please visit our FOI page for more information in relation to the damaged Weir.

After three years with no direct water supply and the Weir still not repaired the canal’s condition began to seriously deteriorate until in June 2018, after a hot, dry spell, with canal levels down to only a few inches in places putting thousands of fish at risk, the owners Port Tennant Company (Canal) were forced to take action.

June 25, 2022, Meeting Held to Save Canal by South Wales Evening Post Read more

June 18, 2022, Action on restoring Water feed to the canal by Rick Hughes of the TCA.
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June 10, 2022, Focussed Meeting to Save the Tennant Canal – organised by the recently formed Tennant Canal Association with representatives from PTC, NRW, CADW, NPT, and CBC. Read more

January 17, 2022, South Wales West MS, Sioned Williams backs calls for the preservation of the historic Tennant Canal following concerns over its future. Full press release

October 12, 2021, South Wales West MS, Altaf Hussain MS speaks at the Welsh Assembly about his concerns on the future of the Tennant canal. Facebook Video and Altaf Hussain MS letter to NRW (Natural Resources Wales)

An FOI suggests that ‘Calon Energy LTD’ was one of the main contributors to the Aberdulais pumping operations and costs. The same Calon Energy that was taking significant amounts of water from the Tennant Canal via the pumping station at Jersey Marine to its Baglan Bay Plant until the company went into liquidation on March 24th, 2021. The Power Station was due to be switched off completely on January 14, 2022, but the Welsh government sought an injunction at the last moment for the plant to remain open until Businesses and NPTC offices around the Baglan site can be reconnected to the National grid. BBC report

Earlier last year and without public notice, the pumps were removed by the Port Tennant Canal Company from the Aberdulias site, once again cutting the Tennant Canal’s lifeline and risking an environmental injustice that could have far-reaching effects on the water’s wildlife for years to come.

The Tennant Canal at Red Jacket on June 17th, 2021.
The Tennant Canal at Red Jacket on June 17th, 2021

It’s been seven years since the mysterious damage to the River Weir cut the Tennant canals’ direct water supply. This along with no proper maintenance on the waterway for many years. Although In October 2021, after some determined public pressure, the owners did decide to restart some basic canal maintenance, nowhere near enough to make any difference to the neglected waterway, its towpaths, or its listed buildings.

The canal is recognised as a site of interest for Nature Conservation (SINCs), with some stretches also being part of a nationally and internationally designated area. The Tennant canal forms part of the Crymlyn Bog and Pant y Sais Fen areas for conservation. The canal and its areas hold a multitude of wild and aquatic life including the extremely rare and protected Fen Raft Spider discovered in the canal in 2003.

So the first objective is simple. The owners should reinstall the temporary water pumps at Aberdulais restoring a water supply (although reduced) from the River Neath to the Tennant canal until the Weir is fixed or another permanent solution can be found. ‘All canal maintenance in full to restart immediately.’

Please write to your politicians from our take action link or/and use this website making it easy to write to the politicians who represent you.

Please join the Facebook Group called Save the Tennant Canal with over 1200 members and have just formalised a ‘Not-for-profit’ Community Interest Company, specifically to protect, promote & develop the Tennant Canal for the public, and its associated historical artefacts. To join the FB Group and find out more please visit ‘Save the Tennant Canal

The Welsh Government funded the Waterways and Wildlife handbook in managing our natural environment.

Tennant Canal News…

Meeting Held to Save Canal.

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save the Tennant Canal. Meeting Held to Save Canal. By Robert Lloyd Print Contact Editor robert.lloyd01@walesonline.co.ukSource: South Wales Evening Post (Print Addition) June 25th, 2022 CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save the Tennant Canal, which runs from Neath to Port Tennant, have organised a meeting which was attended by representatives of Natural Resources Wales (NRW)Continue reading “Meeting Held to Save Canal.”

Cadoxton Culvert at the Tennant Canal

The Cadoxton Culvert

The Culvert flows from the Hills above Neath Golf Club down through Cadoxton Park under the Main Road and Stanley Place before finally making its way to the Tennant Canal. Looking at the many maps on the area it seems that at one time the culvert ran under the Tennant Canal towards the River Neath. Fortunately,Continue reading “The Cadoxton Culvert”

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