Helping to Save the Tennant Canal

Please help to ‘Save the Tennant Canal’. The Weir supplying water to the canal at Aberdulais was mysteriously damaged some years ago and has still not been repaired?

Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine.
Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine in May 2021 and then July 2021.

For nearly 200 years, the Tennant canal’s sources of water supply came from the River Neath at Aberdulais. By 2008 the only source remaining was a River Weir which partially collapsed in February 2015.

The damaged Tennant canal supply Weir at Aberdulais 31-05-2022
The damaged Tennant canal supply Weir at Aberdulais 31-05-2022 (Picture from STTC Facebook site)

After more than three years without a main supply in June 2018, the Port Tennant Canal company licensed by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) installed water pumps to restore some supply from River Neath to the Tennant canal at Aberdulias after hot weather and low flow conditions put the future of the canal at risk.

In 2018, large water pumps were installed which fed into the canal to improve water flow then in early July 2021
In 2018, large water pumps were installed that fed into the canal to improve water flow.

Please read: Tennant canal is at risk due to hot weather and low water flows. BBC News. But since early July 2021, the pumps were switched off and all machinery removed from the site. This unforgivable move cuts the Tennant canal’s only source of water supply.

Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine August 04 2021
Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine August 04, 2021

The current situation looks set to worsen for the Tennant Canal’s future. Without a proper source of water supply, the eight-mile canal will become a polluted swamp, a stream at best, or just used as a ‘floodwater relief drain’ for the River Neath and not a haven for wildlife.

The Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine.
The Tennant Canal at Jersey Marine on 17th June 2021

Please help to ‘Save the Tennant Canal’ by contacting:

  • Your MP, AMs, and Local Councillors (Election Local Councillors May 05, 2022)
  • Local and National media.
  • Natural Resources Wales.
  • Port Tennant (Canal) Company LTD. (owners)
  • Environmental Organisations.
  • or anyone you think may be able to help.

Find your AM’s Link

The MP’s
Christina Rees for Neath – Email:
Stephen Kinnock for Aberavon – Email:
Carolyn Harris for Swansea East – E-mail:

Neath and Port Talbot Councillors
Caroline Lewis for Aberdulais email:
Phil Rogers for Cadoxton email:
Helen Clarke for Coedffranc West email:
Cen Phillips for Coedffranc West email:
Angharad Aubrey for Coedffranc Central email:
N.Goldup-John for Coedffranc Central email:

Swansea Councillors
Clive Lloyd for St Thomas email:
Joe Hale for St Thomas email:

Your councillorsJust put in your postcode

Note: Not all will respond, automated normally, signposted at best, but recommended because some do care. Strength in numbers!

You can also use the write to them website to contact your politicians, national or local, for free.

NRW – Natural Resources Wales
NPT Environment Team email:
Environmental incident hotline: 0300 065 3000
Complete a report an incident form: Online form
Will deny any responsibility yet their website says Incidents we deal with so recommended because reference numbers are issued for each reported incident. Strength in numbers!

Note: The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) give you the right to request access to unpublished information held by Natural Resources Wales unless a specified exemption applies.

Port Tennant Company LTD (via their representatives Leeder Property Management.)
Leeder Property Management: Tel 01792 644699.
Recommended because it could send a direct message to the canal’s current owners the ‘Tennant Family’. Strength in numbers!

Helping to Save the Tennant Canal – Just 5 mins of your time can go a long way.
Below is just an ‘example letter’ please copy and send it if you wish. Thank you!

[Your Address]


I am writing to you as a [constituent/other] of [your constituency/other] concerning the Tennant Canal.

It is my understanding that the existing water supply problems to the Tennant Canal are being caused by damage to a Weir on the River Neath at Aberdulias, which has still not been repaired.

We have already witnessed in June 2018, during a dry month (when large water pumps had to be urgently installed at Aberdulais), how quickly a multitude of wildlife could be put at risk by low flow conditions on the Tennant Canal.

Without a direct water supply to the canal, its future will be completely dependent on significant or prolonged rainfall now the pumps have been removed.

A commitment must be made now to avoid serious environmental damage to this designated site for nature conservation and get the water pumps reinstalled at Aberdulais and then the Weir fixed so direct supply to the canal can continue.

It has also been reported that the owners (Port Tennant Company LTD) have practically abandoned the Tennant Canal and, all maintenance ended months ago.

The Owners, including Natural Resources Wales, and Neath and Port Talbot Council all agree that they recognise the importance of the canal from both an ecological point of view, the historical and heritage perspective as well as for wellbeing and health. So, I would expect the Historic Tennant Canal as it nears its 200 yr centenary in 2024 for the Supply Weir to be urgently repaired and proper supply resumed. The canal should be considered for restoration, then properly maintained, and listed for protection status for future generations to enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]


Important – Please read: The Tennant Canal has been Abandoned