NRW plans for the Aberdulais Aqueduct

Natural Resources Wales says the removal of the Aqueduct is a scenario that would be evaluated?

The Aberdulais Aqueduct was damaged during a storm in 2020.
The Aberdulais Aqueduct was damaged during a storm in 2020. There has been no maintenance or repairs on the Scheduled Monument for many years before the storm in February 2020.

01 June 2021

NRW – Natural Resources Wales to Mr. Stephen Kinnock MP, Member of Parliament for Aberavon.

I have now received the response below from Natural Resource Wales (NRW) in relation to the Tennant Canal and the Aberdulais aqueduct, in which they confirm that a strategic outline case is being considered in relation to the flooding in this area, which includes the aqueduct, however, this is only the first phase and no decision or proposal has yet been considered.

‘Thank you very much for your further enquiry regarding the canal, specifically the aqueduct. As mentioned in our previous reply, the Aberdulais area suffers from significant periodic fluvial flooding, from the Rivers Neath/Dulais. Accordingly, as the Risk Management Authority with powers to manage flooding from main rivers, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is currently developing a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) to consider if a flood risk management scheme, to reduce the risk of flooding in Aberdulais, is viable.

The development of a SOC is the first phase of the Government’s Business Case process for considering the investment of public funding and is being managed/delivered by our in-house Projects Delivery Team. The SOC will establish the Case for Change and scope for any potential flood scheme that is taken forward. The SOC will include a suitable assessment of the flooding problem, define the Investment Objectives, and culminate with an early indication of the types of flood risk management measures that may be suitable and achievable. The removal of the aqueduct would be one of several scenarios that would be evaluated through this process, though it is important to note that presently the impacts of this and the other scenarios are not fully assessed and we have not decided upon any action.

We anticipate the SOC being completed in July 2021, following which there will be a consultation period with stakeholders to discuss any potential scheme identified.’

Yours sincerely

Stephen Kinnock
Member of Parliament for Aberavon