The Jersey Marine Pumps fall Silent.

Jersey Marine Pumb Station 24 April 2021

The Tennant Canal pumping station at Jersey Marine ends all operations to industry at Baglan Bay.

The Jersey Marine pump-house as ended operations after years of supplying significant quantities of water from the Port Tennant Canal Company to industry at Baglan Bay. The Baglan Bay Power LTD closed on 24 March 2021 the large pumps have finally fallen silent. The good news is that the canal may retain more water for longer. But it has been confirmed by the owners it was the ‘Tennant Canal’s only form of funding so the future of the Canal is in serious doubt’.

The Jersey Marine pump-house.

The Tennant Canal supplied water from the Jersey Marine pumphouse to the BP Chemical Plant at Baglan Bay until 2004 sadly following the BP Oil Refinery at nearby Llandarcy – another of the Tennant Canal’s previous customers – into the industrial history books.
Please read: The Future of the Tennant Canal is in serious doubt!